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AG hopeful introduces bill to require $100,000 bail for all “crime of violence” arrests

Representative John Stefanski has filed legislation requiring mandatory minimum bail for criminals who commit violent offenses.

“Violent crime is completely out of control and destroying communities across Louisiana. Violent criminals have been acting as if there are no consequences. Louisiana must return to law and order,” Representative Stefanski stated.

The bill would require a bond amount of no less than one hundred thousand dollars for a crime of violence, or an amount no less than five hundred thousand dollars where the defendant possessed a firearm during the commission of the crime of violence. Additionally, the proposed legislation requires a judge to provide written findings of fact and conclusions of law for setting bail in a less amount.

“It’s time to take a stand and fight back against this violent crime epidemic we’re facing,” Stefanski continued.

The text of House Bill 498 can be found below.

“Until Louisiana gets real about prioritizing the safety of its citizens and our state, we will continue to lose. That is why it’s time to take real action about the way we approach violent crime in this state.” the Representative concluded.


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