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John Stefanski for Attorney General Releases First Ad: “Consequences”

Stefanski Ad Focuses on Fight Against Fentanyl, Endorsements from Louisiana Law Enforcement

Crowley, LA – Today, State Representative John Stefanski released his first television ad in his campaign for Louisiana Attorney General.

The new ad focusing on Representative Stefanski’s authorship of the toughest fentanyl penalties in the nation and endorsements from Louisiana law enforcement will run on television and digital platforms statewide.

John Stefanski’s growing list of endorsements include District Attorney Stephen Dwight, Sheriff K.P. Gibson, District Attorney Don Landry, Sheriff Mike Couvillon, Sheriff Sam Dowies, Sheriff David Hedrick, District Attorney Lauren Heinen, Sheriff Mark Garber, Sheriff Ivy Woods and Sheriff Charles Guillory.

The new television ad can be found here, and a full transcript of the ad is below.

JOHN STEFANSKI: I don’t have any sympathy for anyone who deals fentanyl, if you’re dealing fentanyl you intend to kill people. You are going to face the consequences for that.

NARRATOR: When Louisiana law enforcement needed his help, John Stefanski created the toughest fentanyl penalties in America. That’s why law enforcement across Louisiana trusts John Stefanski and supports him for Attorney General.

JOHN STEFANSKI: We’ve significantly increased the penalties where it’s one of the most effective and serious penalties on the books in the entire country.

NARRATOR: John Stefanski for Attorney General. Defending Louisiana Families.


John Stefanski currently serves House District 42, encompassing Acadia and Lafayette Parishes. From Crowley, Louisiana, Stefanski is Chairman of the House and Governmental Affairs Committee. He is a candidate for Louisiana Attorney General.


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